cally so contrary (flambe) wrote in soft_cell,
cally so contrary


Hello out there...
(is anyone out there? .. it's awfully quiet..)

Does anyone here know where I could find a copy of the Childstar video, and also some other vids from the Fantastic Star era, on PAL?...

I'm curious. =D
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errrrr I have no idea - that is a really good question!! I think the last video I had of Marc's is the Albert Hall one (what a show that was - I was right at the front by the stage) and since then it's just the new Soft Cell one that I got a month or so ago - on DVD no less!! Hmmm I am going to have to look into this one :)
I have both of those are SO insanely lucky to have been at the Albert Hall one..

Hey!...aren't you a friend of Bird's..? :) I've seen you around... *L*
I'm Cally/Flambe. Hello! *wave*

yep that's me!! Another Marc freak!!!!

*waves back* xx
I LOVE Marc. *L* =D
you were at albert hall? SHUT UP!

god, you are SOOOOOOOOOO lucky!

can you be seen in the video? *watching neurotically*
lol! No I don't think so - I'll have to watch it later and have another look!

The best Marc gig for me was meeting him after the Stars we Are tour. He signed my program and I got a few pics. Did I ever mention that one of my best friends knows him (in clubland) and has done clubs and stuff with him...

*ducks from the hand coming towards her*
We're already jealous as sin! *L*
NOT fair!
Wish I could meet him..*L*
Ok hate to break it to you guys - but he's very shy, very stuttery and totally lovely!!!!!!!
Arrgh! Are you trying to KILL me?!

*exposes heart*

here... just shoot me right here NOW!
*picks up heart and gives it back*

One day you will get over here to London and will meet him - promise!!
yeah, probably like wiping his chin in some nursing home!

wait... thats good enough for me!
Well, I'm in enough!
Someone hook me up!
(Though, I think he'd be slightly afraid of a 17 year old New Romantic wannabe trying to cling to him haplessly..)
You seem nice, plus you have similar interests to me...and you have lovely, lovely hair... :)
I want to add you to my friends list...if you don't mind, of course!
yep - added you too. You're in the UK too!!!!!
Yay :)
Yeah...I'm in amuses me that Southport is so near, and I've been there so many times...and I got all hyper once when I passed Marc's old school..LOL.
I want to meet him so much..*L*