cally so contrary (flambe) wrote in soft_cell,
cally so contrary

Mambas Question...

Is that Mambas LP (I think it may have been a bootleg...) thing "bite black & blues" still available?

On anywhere besides Ebay, if possible, I can't use that site, and I know nobody with a credit card. Sad.

Anyway. I AM skint at the moment, so I'm not really sure why I'm asking...

But I'd love it. *L* So mabye that's why.

If anyone knows, please let me know, and I'll try and get money.. ;D
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"The last shows ever performed by the Mambas resulted in the final release as well. With yet another line-up of musicians, two performances at the Duke of York's Theatre on the 18th December 1983 (early and late shows) were recorded and the album 'Bite Black & Blues' (GH 1) was made available to Gutterheart fan club members in May 1984. Still highly sought after, in part because of the three tracks which were never actually 'recorded' by Marc; 'Switchblade Operator', 'Muleskinner Blues' and 'Blue Prelude', demand is such that a digitally re-mastered 'Bite Black & Blues' is soon to be re-released on CD through this web site with bonus tracks not on the original release. A concert programme also exists from these shows which folds out into a poster of Marc. Also occasionally seen around is a bootleg album from these shows, entitled 'The Mambas live at the Duke of York's Theatre in London'. It has a distinctive colour cover showing a snake emerging from a grave, and features some different tracks to those on 'Bite Black & Blues'. The sound quality is, as with most bootlegs, quite poor."

Hell, I'm still trying to find a decently priced copy of TORMENT AND TOREROS. :D
thats really old though, because they already rereleased it through the Theatre's label about 2 years ago or so on CD. it is now sold out and really hard to come by, even on Ebay. the record of it is even worse, i have the Duke Of York bootleg 12" and it cost about 75 or something. stupid collecting!

Cally darling, i will make you a copy on tape, and if i have access to a burner (very unlikely, but i will try to get Adi's poop roommate to do it, stingy bastard) i will make you one on cd. woo.

Mr. Lad... have you tried HMV UK? i got my Torment & Torero's cd through their site, i think its still being printed. it didnt cost too much, nothing like the Untitled cd. bleh.
Oddly enough, I found my copy of UNTITLED at a used CD shop for $7.99.
ahhh! i hate that! i never have that luck!

good for you though, even though you might have used up your good cd deal karma right there! ;)
I also got Dave Ball for $8.99. Without his synths, however, he's not very useful. I usually just have him stand menacingly outside my shower curtain so that serial killers will say, "Oh, I'm on someone else's turf."
Didn't read this properly...bad waif.

Aw, Bird, you don't have to do that! You do WAY too much for me as it is!! *hug*
Ooohh.....that sounds interesting :)

As for Torment & Toreros, do as Bird said, check out HMV UK...I live in England and HMV here (in Liverpool) sometimes has that on CD...I got mine on CD for...hmm...I think it was 20 quid...
I'll look if they have any copies.. :)