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snowflake girl

Soft Cell inspired novel...

Hey Soft Cell fans...not posted much, have I?

I've been busy with this...
My debut novel, Rose Petal Tea, which is available to buy online (hense this post!)

For more info:

The book was HEAVILY inspired by Soft Cell music, and has been given good reviews already by other huge Soft Cell/Marc Almond fans, so give it a go :)

You can order the book for 9.99(UK)/14.95(US) via the following sites:

Or, alternatively, you can download it (at a price) as an e-book:

Thanks for your support in this novel, and sorry for the lack of updates- been incredibly busy with, sadly, non-fiction related work! :(

Please show your support by getting a copy as this book has been expensive to make and incredibly hard to promote, and if you are interested, then please, get a copy, or tell your friends. Every little helps, and I can't thank you enough :) <3
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